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Goodfud Festival

Goodfud Festival

Picture this: more than a thousand of us gathered for the first Good Food Fest in Bishkek on November 4th at “ТРЦ Dordoi Plaza.” It was great, and guess what? We turned the place into a health haven with natural goodies, eco-friendly stuff, tasty snacks, and even talks from sports nutrition experts. It was like a party for all things healthy!

Unfortunately, Kyrgyzstan has been dealing with some health issues lately, like heart disease and diabetes. However, during the opening ceremony, Grade 11 student Aikhan Jumashukurov, the head of “goodfud,” spoke about how eating right and being active is vital for a good lifestyle.

The fest progressed from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, and it was way better than your typical get-together. Mariam Dzhumaza shared some excellent tips on keeping your diet in check, Zarylkhan Sharabidinova talked about breakfast mistakes, and sports nutritionist Alim Abakirov gave us the nutritional needs of different athletes. Aigul Hashimova even told the secrets to drinking enough water!

It wasn’t just a brain workout; there was a buffet of local goodies. It was like a foodie paradise promoting healthy munching from old-school treats to fancy new bites.

And guess what? Even if you couldn’t be there in person, you could still catch the action on the Insta account. Social media was like the secret sauce, spreading the Good Food Fest vibes far and wide, creating a tribe of health-conscious buddies.

Aikhan Jumashukurov is all about spreading the word about good food and an active lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan. It’s not just about the fest; it’s a whole movement promoting health like a boss.

To wrap it up, the Good Food Fest isn’t a one-hit event; it’s now a regular thing in Bishkek. Get ready for more epic fests with talks, hands-on stuff, and maybe even some sports action. It’s basically becoming the go-to spot for total well-being in Bishkek. 🥦🏋️‍♂️🎉

By: Aikhan Jumashukurov