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Hooray for UN Day!

Bishkek International School Celebrated United Nations Day on Friday, October 14th.

By: Mariia Samoilova

On Friday, 14th of October, Bishkek International School celebrated the annual United Nations Day, where students from High School and invited guests led activities for Primary and Middle School students to introduce them to the UN organization’s objectives, the Sustainable Development Goals and this year’s UN Day theme of “Building Back Together for Peace and Prosperity.”

Preschool students participated in activities such as flag treasure hunts, interactive games, and coloring flags. For middle and high school, there were several presentations and ‘Kahoot!’ games to make them understand the importance and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Additionally, every student shared interesting facts about their countries and learned something new about others.

Moreover, students and staff members participated in the parade of nations, demonstrating the national costumes of countries from all over the world. This parade took place outside the school, so everyone in BIS could observe this gorgeous event. Costumes were very different from each other; each one was special. That was a great opportunity for everyone to see captivating national costumes of different cultures and share the beauty of theirs.

Here are some students’ impressions of participating in the parade:

“It was pretty fun for me. I really enjoyed representing my country to other people. Hearing people applauding you is also pleasant! I didn’t expect to have such an unforgettable experience!” shared Young V, a student of grade 11.

“I was exhilarated to demonstrate costume of my country to others!” shared Zachary, a student of grade 9.

Christine Jaumes, the United Nations resident coordinator & UNICEF representative in Kyrgyzstan concluded the event with her final speech. There, she thanked everyone and shared interesting facts about the UN with us, which included information about the UN’s mission, importance, and goals.

It’s safe to say that this year’s UN Day went well, every student and staff member enjoyed it and had fun. It was a day full of joy, unforgettable experiences, and good memories!