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Anonymous Petition Seeks to Move Hotdog Day to Thursday

On Monday, April 10th, an anonymous member of the BIS “academic organ” calling themself “Hotdog Advocate” created a petition seeking to move the weekly hot dog snack day from Friday to Thursday. Circumventing the established student government representatives, the petition is appealing straight to students in a form of direct democracy. Reasons for the change appear to be largely focused around the disproportionate number of Friday holidays in the 4th term, but also include an appeal to the IB values and references to a study on the importance of breakfast from the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience.

Students who sign the petition will need to enter their details on, but do not need to make their names visible in the voting. The text of the petition is copied below.


Move Hotdog Day to Thursday

We, the academic organ of students and staff, are writing to bring to your attention a matter of great concern. As you are aware, our school has several holidays scheduled over the next few months which result in the cancellation of classes on Fridays. While we appreciate the recognition of these holidays, we believe that this schedule has created a significant injustice for the entire academic community.

Specifically, the best snack offered at our school, hot dogs, is exclusively served on Fridays. Due to the cancellation of classes on these days, students and staff members are being deprived of this delicious treat. We believe that it is unfair for members of our academic community to miss out on this opportunity, simply because the schedule has been designed in such a way that they are unable to attend school on Fridays.

Furthermore, research has shown that a well-fed student body performs better in their academic work. A study published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience found that students who regularly consumed breakfast items (such as hotdogs) performed better academically than those who did not. In light of this research, we believe it is even more important to ensure that all members of our academic community have equal access to the hotdog snack, which is a popular and beloved treat at our school.

Hot dogs also connect to our mission as an IB world school, promoting global citizenship, which is about recognizing that we are all part of a larger global community, and that we have a responsibility to work towards the betterment of that community. Hot dogs, as a food that is enjoyed in many different countries, can help to promote this idea of ​​global citizenship. When we enjoy a hot dog, we are participating in a shared cultural experience that transcends borders and brings people together. Just as a hot dog is made up of different ingredients, so too is our global community made up of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. While these differences can sometimes cause conflict, just as different toppings on a hot dog can clash, ultimately they can also create a rich and flavorful experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Therefore, we request that the school administration consider exercising their executive powers to move the hotdog snack day to Thursdays, when all students and staff members are able to attend school. This would ensure that all members of our academic community have equal access to this important snack, and would be a fair and just solution to the current injustice. Additionally, as a multitude of Fridays have been missed for the reasons listed above, we strongly urge the committee to consider reparations. 

We urge the school administration to take this matter seriously and to make the necessary adjustments to the schedule in order to accommodate this request. Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


The Hotdog Advocate, on behalf of all hot dog enthusiasts and the academic organ of Bishkek International School

Undersigned by supporters of hotdog justice at BIS.

Hot dog puff pastries, a golden delight, A symphony of flavors that take flight, Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, The pastry unfolds with a crispness typhoon.

The hot dog nestled inside, a treasure to behold, A hidden gem waiting to be told, Like a sunburst in the sky, Its juicy flavors make us cry.

The puff pastry is a cloud that floats on high, A fluffy pillow for the hot dog to lie, Its layers, a delicate dance of light, A pastry symphony that’s oh so bright.

The hot dog puff pastry, a culinary creation, A melody of flavors that’s pure elation, A feast for the senses, a delight for the soul, A dish that leaves us feeling whole.