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Get Ready to Be Amazed: Our School’s BookFace Contest Brings Books to Life!

On March 10th, Students and Staff of BIS were Able to Participate in the School BookFace Contest.

By: Iskhak Zhumaly uulu

On March 10th, our school’s students and teachers had the opportunity to participate in the Bookface Contest – a fun and creative event that challenged participants to use their ingenuity to pose with a book so that the cover and their faces melded together to create an optical illusion.

The school’s library organized this Bookface Contest. To participate, students were required to take a photo and send it to our librarians. Students from different grades participated, each trying to outdo the other in creativity and originality. The contest was judged by a group of teachers and librarians, who based their decisions on the quality of the illusion, the pose’s imagination, and the idea’s originality.

Here are some of the photos of the participants:

The participants showcased their talent and creativity with their submissions, using a wide variety of books and poses to create stunning optical illusions. All the entries will be displayed in the hallway near the secondary library, providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy them. The winner will be chosen by voting when every image is on the wall.

The Bookface Contest was an excellent event for students to challenge themselves and explore their creativity with a camera and their favorite book. It also highlighted the students’ love of reading and willingness to think outside the box. The school’s library hopes to continue organizing similar events in the future, encouraging students to engage with literature in new and exciting ways.