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Blooming Creativity: A Garden on Laboratory Walls

Students are cultivating their creativity by drawing flowers on walls!

By: Darika Zhaparova

A Garden in Lab3? 

Dear all, today I will tell you where the flower drawings on the walls in Lab3 entrance come from + give you a sneak peak into something new!

So, where do the flowers come from and what is the story behind them? It all started during the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year when the previous IGCSE2 (now IBDP1) became the class of two wonderful teachers: Dr.Alisher and Ms.Artika. This is why it used to say “IGCSE 2” above the door (right now it is being removed since this is just a Lab now).

 “We all were asked what our favourite animals were and later we found out that the animals that we named will become a part of the paintings on the wall around the entrance. I was surprised but it turned out to be a fun activity for students to participate in. “ – says one of the students. 

At first those were just small boxes with animals like cats, tigers, quokkas and others, plus some background for them; however, students were not able to finish the project during the previous academic year and, somehow, students got a new idea for the drawings: flowers around the pictures! One by one, starting from an ivy and adding some flowers like a lotus, a lilac, some poppies, tulips, and a magnolia, the ‘garden’ started to grow with the community of the people who drew them. At first there were only a few students, later more and more other physics students from various grades joined, and even though the paintings are still not finished, the hard work of the students can be easily seen on the walls. This is what teamwork looks like in real life, some of the artists never even met one another, but they still managed to create  artwork that attracts attention.

Promised Bonus:

A cow! If you studied physics this year or at least visited Lab 3 you may have noticed a drawing of a cow. It usually changes every week and looks like this:

“Her name is Andy. She usually represents either the events that are happening in the school or the emotions that a regular average student goes through during the study time.”- the artist of the drawing. 

Many students like Andy and even follow the ministories that happen on the drawings. 

The author remains unknown to most of the students

Those are just a few of the art and teamwork pieces in our school that you can see around. Feel free to join the art wall in Lab 3 and look forward to more stories and drawings of the cow!