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Exploring Art of the World

Passionate about art, Darika explores two famous art pieces that impacted and inspired her

By: Darika Zhaparova

“Giant Duck in Pittsburg” via Mark Dixon on Flickr

What can be better than a small and cute rubber duck? A huge rubber duck that swims not in the bath, not in the pool, but in an open ocean! 

The inspiration behind this duck was to make people enjoy the waterpoint all over the world and bring happiness to the citizens the duck stopped. The huge duck even has an official website where people are able to find next or previous destinations and buy some official “ducky merch.”

But who would in a world create something like this? Well, we have the answer, Florentijn Hofman is the creator of such an interesting but strange piece of art. He is a dutch artist who is famous for his fun and attracting attention to art projects. He is also known for his art installations like  ‘Hippopo Thames’ in England and ‘Selfie Panda’ in China. Non-surprisingly those art projects are huge and funny as well. 

“Hey, this is not an art.” – you may think. However, this is one of the examples why real artworks are not only old dusty paintings of some unknown women and men. I believe that art can have various forms and different meanings behind it; art does not have to be very hard to understand and contain meanings that only old philosophers can find. An Art is an art when people can see something close to them in it. 

This art piece, ones have most probably already seen on Instagram, Tikok, news portals and other social media and sources of information. Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s Can’t Help Myself got a lot of attention because of a sudden blow up on social media. This is an art installation that was shown to the public a few years ago. It consists of robotic-brush, dark red, reminding of blood and attracting people’s eyes, liquid, and a see-through cage so that visitors could see everything that happens in the art work. 

The machine makes attempts to make liquid stay near, however, with every attempt it becomes dirtier around the robot and the liquid still runs away. 

People interpret this very differently and this is again an art piece that is created for everyone to see something different. I think that this  robot shows burnouts and depression but one may believe that this is a scene of murder or something else.The artwork has nothing to do with old paints and canvases, but it gives us an idea of what art can be and should be. 
Rubber duck by Florentijn Hofman and the robotic arm by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are absolutely different but at the same time sharing something in common works. Artists of both wanted to make people think of something that could change them or the world into a better place, they created something that could give various thoughts to the public, they made art accessible to people of different minds and ideas.

You can find out more about Can’t Help Myself on Designboom.