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Planning the Future: BIS’ New Campus

What are BIS plans for the future? Where are they planning to relocate? Learn about the New Campus plans here!

By: Arina Tuboltseva

BIS has been preparing to construct a new campus since 2019, but few people, particularly new students, are aware of it, while others have simply forgotten about it. I decided to write this article to remind everyone about it! I will inform everyone about this great concept and idea in this article. I’m going to discuss the design concept, the campus location, the reasons BIS is constructing a new campus, and how you can help make the new campus a reality.

What is the new design concept? 

The new design was inspired by the yurts and the natural beauty of Bishkek like its mountains, landscapes, flowers, high mountain glaciers, and welcoming culture. The traditional nomadic yurts of Central Asia inspired both the appearance and the function of the designs. The yurt, which in traditional culture is a representation of family, the earth, and the universe, has given the designs a sense of reaching out. The campus will have a zero waste, zero carbon, and a green, natural environment. The school will also have a pool for swimming lessons! With more space, there will also be more different ECAs. Here is a sketch of the new campus design:

Sketch of the New Campus

Why is BIS constructing a new campus? Although BIS owns its current campus and has continuously improved it to increase its size, this school has its limits. A new campus is needed to allow further growth and provide all of the advantages expected from a top international school. Right now the school can not fit more than 700 students, but the new campus will have enough space to accommodate even 1000 students. 

Campus location

 The campus will have boarding options for some of our international students and at least 15,000 square meters of inside space for 750+ students. The new campus will be on the south side of the railway as the city moves towards the mountains, and will be 30 minutes by school bus from the center of Bishkek. If the new campus will be near the current one, it will keep the Primary School. If the new campus will be much far away, it will stay a second Primary School close to the city center. There are a few locations open for a new campus, and the school has land on the south of Bishkek towards the mountains which is quite far away from the current school’s location and they are planning on building the new campus there. There are some other better options but the school, unfortunately, can’t afford them because of the huge price.

How can you make the new campus a reality? Right now we don’t know how long it is going to take to build the new campus but it will take more than 3 years. Dr. Grant is very passionate about this project and hopes his dream will come true. Everyone is invited to join the community to realize the vision of excellent education and transform the country for the better. The goal of BIS, a nonprofit organization, is to improve the future of the Kyrgyz Republic. It depends on donations to begin new campus construction. BIS is open to collaboration in building a new campus while keeping its independence and non-profit community goal. If you are interested in being part of this by sponsoring scholars or new school development, please contact the Head of School, David Grant via

You can also find more information about the new campus here.