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What Sports are Offered at BIS?

Want to get involved in a sport? BIS offers many options. This article will give you the lay of the land.

By: Asiiya Mamitova

Sport is one of the most important parts of our lives. It helps us to stay healthy, energetic, positive and gives us many beneficial outcomes relating to physical and mental health. This is one of the reasons why sport is so significant and popular in BIS. At the moment, BIS hosts extracurricular activities (ECAs) in more than 10 sports and physical activities including: football, volleyball, basketball, rock climbing, table tennis, cross country, Aikido, martial arts, Latin American dancing, hip hop dancing, sports games, yoga, fencing, and fitness for children. ECAs are as diverse as our students, with some students enjoying active and energetic classes like basketball or martial arts, while some students like calming activities, such as yoga. Each of the ECAs are conducted by experts in their field who make sure that the classes are always as effective and useful as possible.

BIS believes that in addition to the importance of studies and academic achievements, sports are also as significant. The qualities that children develop during sports will be useful to them in life, such as patience, discipline, self-control and self-reflectiveness. In addition to these qualities, sport also develops leadership qualities, a clear understanding of your goals and capabilities, as well as the teamwork skills, and understanding of the importance of teammates’ contribution in the final result.

Sports such as football, basketball and volleyball are especially popular in our school. In each of these sports we have teams of boys and girls in almost every age group of U15 and U19. Students actively go to training and participate in friendly games with other local and international schools. BIS is also very supportive and encourages tournaments abroad, and takes part in Central Asian football, basketball and volleyball tournaments. This experience helps to broaden the horizons of students, to be more open-minded and communicative, unlock their potential and gain more experience in games with international peers. The football season, which was very busy for BIS and its teams, has recently ended. The first was the BISA tournament, which was held among international schools in Bishkek from October 28 to 29. The best performance was shown by our U19 girls team, which finished in 2nd place. Shortly after this tournament, 3 BIS teams (U15 Boys, U19 Boys, U19 Girls) went to the Central Asian football tournament (CAFA) held in Almaty from November 3 to 5. Although our teams returned without medals, each group of players showed significant improvement in all aspects, technique and skills in the game as well as excellent teamwork.

Basketball is of great importance now as its season is already approaching. Our teams train hard several times a week, participate in friendly matches with local teams and gain experience and skills for upcoming important matches. After the New Year, Bishkek tournaments are planned, as well as a Central Asian basketball tournament in Tashkent. At the last tournament in Tashkent 2019 BIS showed great results: U15 boys took first place, and our teams also brought 2 sportsmanship awards. We hope for even better results at the upcoming tournament in Tashkent. BIS girls’ and boys’ teams are excited to show their improvements and what they are capable of!