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BIS Girls Volleyball Team Competes against SOS Village

On November 21st, Bishkek International School U15 Girls Volleyball Team Won a Friendly Game against SOS Village Players.

By: Shui Wang

The friendly volleyball game was held in Bishkek International School between U15 girls teams of our school and SOS Village. The match started at 4:30 pm at the BIG HALL and lasted for an hour, ending at 5:30 pm. Cheers and thumps from the packed stands ricocheted off the walls, creating a lively environment with everyone on their toes.

After the players changed their clothes into uniforms, they entered the court and started warming up before the game. Then, two teams lined up and walked toward the center of the field, shaking hands and saluting each other as a sign of friendship. At the whistle of the referee, the game started.

In the beginning, our school seemed to be out of form and made a series of mistakes, letting the other team take the lead for some time. Through consistent float serving, one of the best players from SOS Village distanced her team from the BIS team on the scoreboard. However, it didn’t last long; our team recovered their confidence and finally started scoring. They made solid, high passes, followed by strong hits, that brought victory to the BIS team in the first set.

After a short break, the second set began. The two teams switched sides and started playing again. This time SOS Village players were eager to pull off the second-set win to stay in the game. During that round, both teams played much better, jumping, blocking, dunking, passing, and scoring points. All of the players showed their superb individual playing skills and tactical cooperation, which made this round especially interesting to watch. Fortunately, BIS team won this set 25-21 with a hit into SOS Village’s left corner. The students and players of our school rushed onto the court to celebrate the victory!

The third set was not played due to the score of 2-0 and a small amount of time remaining. BIS players agreed that SOS Village was a really competitive team, which made playing against them really fun! After the end of the match, all the players thanked each other for the friendly game, said goodbyes and wished good luck in the future.  

Miss Tatyana, the coach of the volleyball team shared, “Our potential shined through this season. The team holds a very promising future and looks to be even more successful in the upcoming seasons.”

We hope that our school volleyball team will continue to make great efforts and demonstrate excellent results in future competitions!