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BIS Students Planting Trees!

Lili and Aydana

On Several November Days, BIS Students and Staff Members Planted Trees at the Pistachio Grove.

By: Mariia Samoilova

During November, volunteers from BIS, ruled by Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Nurzhan, went out to plant the trees for the new campus of BIS, which is planned to be built in the future. The activity took place at Pistachio Grove on November 5th, 7th, and 19th. Overall, the school got 800 trees of different kinds and about 25 volunteers to plant them. The activity was open for everyone, so the staff could also join and help during planting. For three days, volunteers were breaking the ground and planting maple, elms, and apricot trees, dedicating hours of their weekends to help the development of the school. It was a good opportunity for everyone to participate, gain points for their houses and get community service hours! School provided all of the things needed, so there were no problems with the equipment. 

The first two days of planting went absolutely well. In the morning, all of the volunteers came to school, grabbed everything they needed, and headed to the grove to start the planting. There weren’t any problems; students have met the goals they set and planted approximately 400+ trees! There were many people helping, teachers and students of all ages. The weather was pleasant, the volunteers were happy, no issues at all.

However, the third day, the last day of planting, was the only one that didn’t go that well. Unfortunately, there were some issues caused by the late delivery of the trees. The number of people participating was significantly reduced; only 12 people showed up! Though, these people did a great job. Despite all the problems and hard circumstances, they showed responsibility and diligence by working really hard. Furthermore, the lack of people and the tree delivery was not the only issue. Conditions for work were awful, the weather was cold and rainy. However, even under those conditions, volunteers kept working with the ground and the trees for the sake of the future of the new campus! 

As a result, all of the trees were successfully planted! This activity did not just improve planting skills but also helped to learn how to work collaboratively and overcome difficulties altogether. In the end, despite all the problems, everyone was happy with the end of the event. The volunteers helped the improvement of BIS, investing in a great atmosphere of the new prospective campus, full of beautiful trees for the enjoyment of people in the future building. Altogether, students and teachers had fun, developed new skills, and enjoyed the opportunity of planting trees.