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Introducing New Extra-Curricular Activities at BIS!

What are some new ECAs offered at BIS?

By: Mariia Samoilova

BIS always had a huge amount of the ECAs (extra-curricular activities) for students of all ages. These activities are designed to give students an opportunity to explore new interests, enhance their skills, and simply have fun outside of the classroom. Different kinds of sports, games, and ECAs are available that develop new skills or simply help with school subjects.

This year there will appear more ECAs throughout the school year, and some of them will be led by the students! This is a great opportunity for students to take on leadership roles and share their own knowledge and skills with their peers. For example, grade 12 students are working on ECA, which helps IGCSE and IB students with subjects such as chemistry, biology, and physics. The ECA is open now and working on Fridays(15:30-14:30). The other ECA is English, organized by DP2 students for Batken refugee kids, which will help them improve their English skills. There will also appear the newest ECA about the programming language JavaScript, which will be led by grade 8th student Rahaav, providing help with the programming skills for students who want to study it. Additionally, one upcoming Math Support ECA is planned for Term 4, which will help IGCSE and MYP students with problem-solving and understanding the concept of math, led by two students from DP1, Darika and Bermet.

In the future, there will appear even more ECAs made by students with new ideas and a desire to share their knowledge with others. BIS will gladly provide new choices of ECAs, giving the students an opportunity of developing new skills or make the old ones even better with the help of the school. The school encourages students to participate in these ECAs to help them grow and develop in fun and engaging way. With such a wide variety of ECAs to choose from, there is something for everyone at BIS, and students are sure to find something they are passionate about and enjoy.