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Is IB Physics Worth the Challenge? A Student’s Perspective

By: Bermet Dzhunusova

As a student taking IB Physics, I can say that the subject definitely presents a challenge. When I first started, I struggled to understand the concepts and was challenged by the problem-solving aspect of the course. However, through hard work and perseverance, I was able to improve my understanding and ultimately come to appreciate the subject in semester one.

One of the greatest advantages of taking an IB Physics class at BIS, in my opinion, is the hands-on approach to learning. Doctor Alisher, Head of Science & Physics Teacher, always encourages us(physics students) to do laboratory work, conduct experiments, and analyze data, which helps us understand how the laws of physics play out in the real world. I believe that this approach to studying helps to develop critical thinking and the ability to apply the theories in a practical setting, which are invaluable in any field.

BIS students are also fortunate to have Doctor Alisher, who is passionate about the subject and wants all his students to succeed. He is always ready to answer any questions and provide extra support if needed. I also made a point to seek help from classmates(Jijun and Nurkyz) who were excelling in the subject, and working together with them on problems was a great way for all of us to learn.

If you are willing to connect your life with engineering and challenge yourself academically, IB Physics at BIS is the right choice for you. It is a demaning class, but it’s definitely worth it!