Connecting the BIS Community

Volunteering for Change: Act for Community Leads the Way

From small beginnings to big impact, ActCom changes lives one volunteer at a time.

By: Arina Tuboltseva

You might have already heard about the new volunteering club at BIS, which is called Act for Community BIS. Although it is new, it has already done things that benefit society. If you have not, that is ok, because in this article I will introduce you to the volunteering club. I will talk about how they got the idea to form this club, their goals, the significance of their club, what activities students participate in, why students should join, and how the club benefits society.

In the spring of 2022, Zhibek Kubatova and her team noticed that there are only a few clubs in which students from all over the world can volunteer, so they got the idea to form Act for Community BIS.

They want to include BIS students and staff to help the community and obtain useful skills to help the larger community.

Striving to benefit everyone, the clubs’ goals include:

  1. Giving opportunities to people in need to develop and maintain themselves. 

There are lots of people in need in Kyrgyzstan, and because of a lack of money, they aren’t able to learn and express themselves. The club looks to help them achieve this. 

  1.  Positively affect the school community. 

To show people that they can trust our school community and always ask for help. 

  1. Develop the skills and potential of club members. 

To show members how they can change the world and obtain many new skills by doing that.

  1. Raise social awareness in our community. 

By raising social awareness, the club hopes that other schools and other students will join them. By doing this, we can truly save thousands of lives and raise awareness about how many people are in need in Kyrgyzstan.

What is the significance of the club? 

The importance of the volunteering club is based on assisting, supporting, and developing vulnerable communities. They do it because it creates a social benefit as long as they have the opportunity to positively impact their lives. They also benefit our community by opening up the potential of volunteers and teaching our community to be socially active members.

What activities do students participate in at the club?

Students in the volunteering club participate in a lot of activities. Firstly, they have teams in which they work collaboratively with other volunteers, such as SMM (Social Media Management), graphical design, and copywriting. The volunteers  also learn how to formally communicate with sponsors and meet with representatives of vulnerable segments of the population. Volunteers’ work does not consist of any specific activity, they learn to work in groups, to listen to each other, and to make projects that help society in many ways.

Why should you join the club? 

Volunteers build strong understanding and compassion by helping those in need. They also develop strong professional and social abilities that will help them achieve success in the future. So you would want to join the club if you want to be successful.

Here are some of the projects the club has carried out:

  • Batken Donation Drive, where the club donated clothes, hygiene products, toys and some food to village Ivanovka to help displaced individuals from Batken.
  • Charity Book Drive, where the club collected books to donate to the Regional Children LIbrary in Kara-Balta and the Regional School in Novo-Nikolaevka Village. 
  • Participating in the Charity Fair by Good Neighbors KR to help raise money to restore infrastructure in Batken.
  • Organised a Charity Volleyball Tournament, raising around 35 000 som for Onco Patient Studio “Together for Life”. 

I think the club will achieve great things in the future, and if you do too, consider joining them to achieve their goals and help the wider community!

If you are interested in joining the club, make sure to contact the founder and co-founder of the club: Zhibek Kubatova and Jannat Almazbek, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @actcom.bis so you don’t miss any of their exciting projects!