Connecting the BIS Community

What are the Students’ Opinions about School Events?

Bishkek International School Students Shared their Opinions about Events Happening at BIS.

By: Raiana Imanalieva

School events are a great way for students to come together and have fun. While many students enjoy the events at BIS, some have had concerns about the organization of certain events this year.

One such event was Halloween. Many students were expecting it to be as enjoyable as it was last year, but it fell short of their expectations. While students were still able to dress up, the overall atmosphere was not as spooky and festive as in previous years. The BIS community hopes that the event will be improved next year.

Another event that received mixed reviews was last year’s Valentine’s Day. Some students felt that there could have been more games and contests and that the handing out of Valentine cards took too long. One student suggested an idea to improve next Valentine’s day. He wants the student council to organize a romantic evening event where high and middle school students could dance and eat with their friends.

On the other hand, events such as Sports Day and Asia Day were considered successful. Many students enjoyed the competitions and the prizes at Sports Day and appreciated the well-organized event. Similarly, Asia Day was praised for its catchy performances, music, national dances, and delicious food, as well as the opportunity to see other students in traditional costumes and try tasty foods from all over Asia.

Additionally, last year’s Winter Sports Day was also a successful event, where students had the opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding. Some students suggested that races could be held for skiing or snowboarding, and that middle and high school students could compete against each other.

Another idea that was suggested was a party on the last day before winter break, where students could celebrate the holidays and receive small gifts from the student council. The money for these gifts could be raised through other school events or other student council activities.

Lastly, one student proposed a new event called Spirit Week, where students and teachers dress up according to a different theme for each day of the week. For example, Monday could be Pijama Day, Wednesday could be Wacky Wednesday, and so on. Additionally, games and competitions could be held among the students to add to the fun.

Overall, while some events did not meet expectations this year, students had many constructive ideas for how to improve them in the future. With more competitions and prizes, and more fun events, students will have even more opportunities to come together and enjoy themselves.