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Anniversary Show 2022 of BIS

On December 10th, Bishkek International School Held its Annual Anniversary Show at Kyrgyz National Drama Theatre.

By: Iskhak Zhumaly uulu

On Saturday, December 10th, the Bishkek International School held its beloved annual anniversary Show at the Kyrgyz National Drama Theatre and invited all parents to watch the performance, which our students and drama teachers worked on for about two months.

All the students of our school took participation in this event. They were not only performing on the stage but also assisting outside of the stage. Some of them helped to prepare the costumes and makeup for the show. While others during the show day helped to sell the bakery, guide the parents to their seats, give away the programs to the guests, and helped with lights, music, and smoke on the stage.

This year’s anniversary show theme was “Ocean,” and that’s why all the songs, dances, and our main show were connected to this theme and why the ocean is important to us. The event started with beautiful songs and captivating dances by kids from preschool 1 to grade 8.

Here is the list of the songs, shows, and dances that were performed by students from Preschool 1 to Grade 8:

Preschool 1Song Row Row Row the boat
Preschool 2DanceStarfish
Preschool 3DanceSarah hula
Grade 0SongYou are my sunshine
Grade 1DanceJellyfish 
Grade 2SongIt’s a beautiful day
Grade 3DanceTraditional Hawaiian dance
Grade 4SongSave the Ocean
Grade 5SongHawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Grade 6DramaMimed canoe racing
Grade 7DramaSlide show about Polynesian Culture
Grade 8Show Polynesian Hitoto Drumming

The main show this year was based on Disney’s 2016 film called “Moana”. It took a lot of time, passion, and determination from all of the students and staff of our school to make Moana real. Everyone from the acting team and backstage crew worked really hard to make the show look as professional as possible. For two months, everyone gave all their effort, imagination, and time to this event, and after all of that, everything finally paid off with a great show and great experience, which might help them in the future. All the acting, choreography, and singing were done at the highest level and gave all the viewers sense of enjoyment. Especially the happiest people were the actors’ parents, who are proud of their kids’ performance.

All the students and parents seemed to like the show and had lots of fun while watching it. Here are some people’s impressions of this year’s anniversary show:

“In my opinion this had to be one of the greatest anniversary shows that the school has ever seen. While we were in a much smaller venue we took advantage of that like absolute Gs. Moana the musical was fantastic, all the actors were exceptional and the level of organisation was picturesque. I must add that I myself also had a very fun time MCing the show alongside my other colleagues.
Personally, Solid 9/10” shared Allan Akholms, a student of grade 11, and one of the MC’s of the event.

“The anniversery show was amazing, a truly miracolous event. Looks very proffesional even tho performed by students. Something the school should be proud of!” shared Seung Ju Paek, a student of grade 9.

“This Anniversary Show was a difficult production to put on! There was SO MUCH work that needed to be done to put the show together. The onstage performers were just the tip of the iceberg. Teams of students had to make the costumes, headpieces, props, and sets. A lot of others had to organize other technical elements of lights, sound, smoke, and other special effects. These students faced many illnesses leading up to the performance, and they pushed themselves to the very end. It all paid off when they performed spectacularly and successfully, in one of the most smoother productions I have ever witnessed. I am incredibly proud of their work.” shared Mr.David Lien, the head of anniversary show.

After all these great comments about this year’s anniversary show, we hope that the next Anniversary Shows will get better and better every year!