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Ms. Valeria and Where to Find her

In this article we visit one of the most loved people in the school: Ms. Valeria, and get to learn more about her room.

By: Darika Zhaparova

Miss Valeria is a high school counsellor, one of the university advisers, head of the house Phoenixes, and form teacher of grade 12. She is also a person you can talk to during hard times and the one that you can rely on. 

An Interesting fact about the person: absolutely loves the Harry Potter books series by J. K. Rowling. 

Not only is her personality a very interesting one, but so is the place where students can find her. The place is located in  CAC near CAC4,5 and 6. The school counsellor decided that this room will become like an oasis in a desert, giving students a place of comfort where they can relax and talk about everything they want without having a fear of being mistreated, misunderstood, ignored or disrespected. 

Right now it is almost time for a winter break and that is why, before entering the cabinet students can notice Grinch’s picture and a question about holiday plans that are attached to a board with some stickers on it welcoming everyone to share their thoughts and plans.

Entering the room one of the first things that the students notice is a big shelving from the left that is occupied by various objects. Miss Valeria is a proud owner of a green collection of different plants, flowers and other vegetation that take up 2-3 shelves. There are plants like Orchid, Chlorophytum, Fern, Spathiphyllum and many others in her collection.

You may be wondering why , and here is the answer(special edition for Bailanysh readers only):

“Why are there so many plants in your room?”

“One of the first things that I [Miss Valeria] noticed when I first came to school a few years ago was a small number of green plants, flowers and trees inside the building of the school. I thought the flowers would be a great investment in the mood of people , due to the fact that green colour helps to relax ….”

Underneath the flowers and plants pots on the shelves there is an overwhelming number of books and booklets from universities that unsurprisingly occupy about 50% of the shelving. Miss Valerisa often revises information about both psychology and universities to give students that come with requests of help a more accurate and helpful information that she can. One can even see some folders with documents and blanks for students that the university consultant often uses. 

One of the most interesting things about Miss Valeria’s work is that she has a secret partner that many people don’t even know about. A cat. You can find it sitting at the chair waiting for students. It is an emotional support animal that works hard and with passion to help students with problems and stress that they meet during those days. 

Support Plushie

If you are sad, want to talk to someone, feel like life has lost its colours, tired, worried about universities and future – the doors of the CAC room are always open and mMiss Valeria is there to help students.