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BIS’ 7th Annual Debate Tournament

We are absolutely thrilled to share the incredible highlights from BIS’ 7th annual debate tournament on Saturday, the 25th of November! Picture this: more than 20 teams, brimming with excitement and passion, ready to unleash their intellectual prowess and prove themselves. The atmosphere was charged with the kind of energy that only comes from engaging in thought-provoking debates on captivating topics, complete with riveting arguments and counterarguments that kept us on the edge of our seats! Participants had a chance to show off their critical thinking in rounds of prepared and impromptu debates. The final rounds were very intense and competitive with teams skillfully fighting off the opponent’s arguments. Our professional judges from AUCA and BIS evaluated the team’s performance and played a crucial role in determining the winners. The breaks and lunchtime were a feast for the taste buds as our school went all out, serving up delicious snacks and, wait for it, pizza! And the cherry on top? Chocolate cupcakes that were an absolute delight!

This wonderful day wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible and responsible
organising team. The organisation process started weeks before the actual event: approving the list of the invited schools; writing an invitation letter for these schools; selecting judges for the tournament. Our wonderful organisers made sure that the food provided would be something everyone could enjoy, they prepared the rooms where the rounds would be held and secured sponsor money for dazzling prizes!
Speaking of prizes, thanks to the sponsor’s generosity, our winners and judges walked
away with fantastic rewards such as, certificates for language courses, test preparation, and more.

The success of the 7th annual debate tournament showed everyone the dedication and hard work of the organisation team, the professionalism of judges and participants displaying their skills. The debate tournament was a great place to hone the participants’ public speaking, collaborative, research and critical analysis skills. We hope to see more successes like this in the future!