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Gyms of Bishkek


Embarking on an intensive gym journey of personal transformation is a pivotal step towards better physical and emotional strength. Although challenging, through consistency and perseverance, the gym becomes not just a place, but a therapeutic sanctuary. 

To those who wish to indulge in the fruits of hitting the gym, I have compiled a list of respectable gyms in Bishkek, honestly rated by my fellow gym goers. 

1. World Class 8.7

“Gym feels open and inviting”

“Best gym in Bishkek” 


“Great people and educated coaches” 

“Best inventory and machines”

“Many services”

This gym had the highest number of ratings out of every mentioned in the article. As you may infer from the comments, it has numerous upsides. Having been there myself, I can confidently say this gym has exceptional equipment, cleanliness and offers a wide range of services besides the gym, including a pool, sauna, professional physician, and more. The downside to this fitness facility is payment for a membership needs to be made for the entire year, which is quite pricey, but in retrospect worth the money. The gym can also get crowded with limited machines available for immediate use, and the crowd is very likely including your acquaintances. That being said, if you know a lot of people around Bishkek, it’s highly unlikely that you will “workout in peace” and not run into people you know.

2. Pulse (jal) 7.8

“Several points around bishkek”

“Great coaches and good machines” 

“Best in terms of price and quality” 

“Prices are very affordable”

This rating specifically describes the location in Jal district. This gym is generally known for its good price deal considering its high quality. However, like any good gym, it may get very crowded with “too many people”. Nevertheless, its strong community and great facilities and price make this a highly rated gym. 

3. Prestij 6.6

“Small but has all necessary equipment”

“Good price”

This gym is located underground and has a comfortable amount of space. Speaking from experience, it doesn’t get crowded until around 17.00-18.00 on a weekday. It has all the basic equipment to get started at the gym, with extremely affordable pricing. The main downside is that there are only two coaches available who aren’t the best from a professional view-point. 

4. Willpower 6.3 

“Small yet very strong gym” 

“Friendly staff”

“Good community”


Without a doubt, this location had the most polarised ratings out of the featured gyms. The only mutually agreed upon statement was its overly high pricing compared to services available. However, the strong and uplifting community was emphasised by many. 

5. Axis 5

“Good location but old equipment”


“Bad smell”

If you’re looking for an average but affordable gym close to the centre of Bishkek, this gym is for you. Notably, it has a very friendly dog inside the gym, and is relatively cheap (although arguably overpriced for the facilities offered). 

Honourable mentions 

The following gyms only received one rating, and are therefore not included in the main list. 

Change fitness 9 

“Top notch equipment” 

“Kept clean” 

“Best community” 

“Prices are a little high but made up for by good equipment and many services”

Dasmia 8 

“Similar to world class”, also offering various services – a lux fitness centre. 

Magnat 8 

“Friendly staff” 

“Good quality machines”

Gladiator 7 

“Good gym with very friendly people” 

“Underground location that is very nice”

In conclusion, Bishkek has many available fitness clubs and gyms that are highly comfortable and would suit anyone’s wants. It is up to you to get started. “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince”. And remember, consistency is the key to success. 

By: Eva Aijan Grant