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Europe Day at BIS: A Day Filled with Music, Dance and Food!

On Saturday, April 15th, Bishkek International School (BIS) celebrated Europe Day, which promotes cultural diversity and the rich history of Europe. The event featured a variety of activities and events that showcased the unique traditions of each European country, including dance and musical performances and stands for food tastings.

By: Mariia Samoilova

Europe Day provides a great opportunity for students to learn about the different countries and cultures of Europe and develop a greater sense of respect for diversity. Through engaging in these fun activities, students are inspired to learn even more about the world around them.

The highlights of the event were the dance performances, which featured students dressed in traditional European costumes and performing dances from different countries. The musical performances were also a hit, with students showcasing their talents on a variety of instruments. Additionally, there were stands offering food tastings from different European countries, which allowed students to try new and interesting foods.

The event was a huge success despite the rain. Many students, parents and staff members attended and shared their impressions of the day. Here are some of them:

“It was cool, I loved the atmosphere. I feel like the rain was very fitting for Europe as well. I liked it a lot” shared a student of Grade 10

A teacher shared: “I think it was great, actually. There were more people than I expected due to the rain. The performances were amazing and the stands have lots of diversity. The flag finding activity is also a great experience for people.”

Grade 11 student: “I think it was planned and organised well. The various types of performances are very amusing and the stands are also interesting. Different snacks and trinkets available were super cool.” shared a student od Grade 11

Here are some photos from this wonderful event:

Europe Day at BIS provided an engaging and enjoyable way for students to learn about different cultures and traditions. We look forward to experiencing other cultural celebrations in the future and continuing to promote cultural diversity at our school.