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Q&A with Dr. Alisher – One of BIS’ Beloved Science Teachers

One of the teachers leaving this year is Dr. Alisher: the head of science and a physics. Learn a little more about him in this article!

By: Darika Zhaparova

This is the last quarter of the second semester and not so long ago we received news about changes in the science department. One of the teachers that will unfortunately leave us is our beloved Dr. Alisher – head of the science department and physics teacher. 

This article is a small interview that he kindly agreed to give the Bailanysh News’ features’ team: 

What is your favourite colour? Why?

-Soft blue and indigo. I like lying down in nature and spending time looking at the sky.

What is your favourite food? Why?
-Sattvic foods. They are organic, vegetarian, fresh, healthy and tasty. 

What is your favourite book? Why?

-I like Rami Bleckt’s books about harmony and wisdom. These books help to find the meaning of life.

Do you have pets? If yes, what are their names?
-Not now, but I had parrots when I was a child. Their names were Lori and Bobby. When one of them died, it was so sad and difficult to accept for me, and after that we stopped having pets.

Favourite sport? Why?
-Basketball. Such a dynamic game.

Favourite place? Why?
-Mountains. The Earth’s plates should have enough energy to form a mountain. People are drawn to the mountains to recharge, as they are sources of energy.

Favourite song? Why?
-It changes from time to time. I have one now and soon everyone will find out about it in a cool way.

What are your interests?
-Playing piano, music, hiking, walking, self improvement, teaching and learning.

What is your favourite flower? Why?
-Roses. Their scent is my most favourite scent.

What’s your favourite bakery and what do you buy there?
-Boulangerie. I buy bread, croissants, eclairs and sandwiches there.

Why did you allow wall painting at the walls near the Lab3? What does it mean to you?
-I have been a form teacher for most of my high school students. We have shared so many memories in Lab 3 and it has become such a special place for all of us. We have been working on the mural for two years to tell about ourselves, and it now reminds us of all those memories and the bond that we have shared.

What is the best painting there?
-I like them all as it is an ensemble of flowers and animals. And, the roses dedicated to me on the mural always attract my attention. 

What is your favourite anime/movie/TV show that you recommend to watch? Why?
-Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is one of the greatest series of all time. Such a beautiful series that explores the themes of friendship, kindness, love, preciousness of all living beings, balance and harmony.

Do you recommend studying physics in DP? Which students do you think can take physics?
-Any student can study Physics, and of course, I recommend studying this subject even if you are not planning to be a scientist. Studying Physics, one will understand how the world works around us at its most fundamental level and develop a very strong analytical skill set. Studying Physics will increase the development of certain brain areas and will change the way one thinks, enabling them to find solutions to life situations quickly as well as creatively.

Any tips for students that take physics or planning to take?
– Brush up on your mathematics
– Develop an uninterrupted daily/weekly study routine
– Review a little each day
– Discuss science concepts with your peers
– Solve problems using various methods

What do you think about your teaching in BIS?
-Absolutely amazing! I love teaching and learning with the students, getting to know them and helping them explore and discover their abilities, talents and potential. Both students and colleagues are friendly and always willing to support.

What do you think about the grades that you are currently teaching (funny or remarkable things)?
-Grade W is studious and purposeful. Grade X is dedicated and loving. Grade Y is passionate and humorous. And, Grade Z is playful and bonding. Let the readers figure out which grade is which 🙂

What are the best memories of yours connected to the school?
-This answer is somewhat coded, but the students will understand it 🙂 I will miss the sunflowers, lilacs, roses, daisies, cow, pretty nails, story teller, Greek Mythology, glam, party, bonding, Tobirama, girls in STEM, VIP, WDB, DD, NCB, JAF, A&A*, NICEs, dominance, drama, chair, princess, crown, countdown, wonderkids, business partners, rock stars, Nia countries, Sun, Moon, heaven, world’s most marvellous slide, the other dimension, hearts, races and stretches.

Do you have any pieces of advice to DP2 and IGCSE2 who are taking exams soon? What’s your opinion about that?
– Practise a few more past papers
– Study outside and take regular breaks
– Have a revision schedule

– Study with peers
– Do a physical activity
– Get a good’s night sleep the day before an exam

What will you miss the most after leaving the school and do you have anything else to tell the readers/students?
-Most of all I will miss my students and colleagues. Every one of my students and colleagues touched my heart in their own unique way and this means that you will always have a special place in my heart.  

This was a short interview with Dr. Alisher. We wish you luck in your next chapter and hope that you will be even happier as the time goes by!