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Exceptional Art Student Aliya Kazieva

To help you decide on your IB subjects, Aliya shares her experience in art classes.

By: Darika Zhaparova

Dear readers,

As a features writer and IB student I decided that we should talk more about various students of our school: about students that take different lessons and have different dreams and goals. This may help those of you who haven’t decided yet what subjects to choose in IBDP and what to do in the future. 

Here you will get to see different sides of different subjects, as well as the reasons why people have chosen them. This article will be about art lessons in IBDP1, a.k.a Grade 11, from an art student’s point of view. 

You may have noticed that art in our school is everywhere: art walls near the stairs, paintings next to classrooms, paintings in the Creative Arts Center and many more. Many of these projects are done by art students of the IB course. One of them agreed to share her experience and thoughts on this subject – Aliya from IBDP1. 

Aliya is a wonderful student that may be known by many of our readers. She is a very bright, kind, sweet and funny person that people can rely on. She is the type of person who can brighten cloudy days and cheer up her classmates. 

One of Aliyas works

The reason why Aliya chose art is not only because she wants to become a designer one day, but because art allows her to express her ideas, world view, and critical thinking. It also brings her a sense of enjoyment. 

She had always been interested in the art field, however, her passion for designing clothes began with an art class a few years ago : “I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting since I was little. One day, in MYP, I decided to try to draw a dress, when we had an art class. Our teacher back then had experience in fashion sketches, so she gave me some basic knowledge and helped me to develop skills to draw a model’s body and dress. I was very inspired, and after this I decided to become a designer.”

Currently, her main inspirations are various modern fashion designers, fashion styles of different decades, youtube videos and pinterest posts. 

The interviewee finds IB art classes surprisingly challenging. Aliya highlights that those classes may sound easy, however, they take a lot of time and require a lot of hard work to keep grades high. Regardless of the hardness of the art lessons, she still enjoys the lessons and keeps working hard to reach her dream. Her current dream is to create her own fashion line inspired by her culture. 

Aliya has only started her art journey towards the dream of becoming a clothes designer. During her first year of IBDP art classes, she has learned a lot of art theory and has had the chance to practise it on many occasions. Let’s support her in this long but beautiful journey!