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Happy Spooky Halloween at BIS!

On October 28th, Bishkek International School Celebrated Halloween with costumes and activities.

By: Iskhak Zhumaly uulu

On Friday, 28th October, Bishkek International School celebrated Halloween, where the BIS community members dressed up like their favorite characters and participated in engaging activities.

The majority of students and some teachers came to school in captivating and frightening costumes of ghosts, witches, skeletons, dinosaurs, etc. They impressed everyone and gave an even more creepy atmosphere to our school. Not only students were dressed up, but our school was decorated as well. Some of the decorations included “Spooky Corner”, scary drawings, monsters, and pumpkins.

Additionally, our school’s student council members were standing next to the school gate, as students were entering and deciding who had the most attractive costumes. And here are the costume winners:

Best friends/couple costume – Amal + Leila (Preschool 1)
Funniest costume – Diana (Preschool 3)
Most creative costume – Iman (Preschool 3)
Most unique costume – Ioan and Nikoloz (Preschool 2)
Best homemade costume – Yuuna (Preschool 3)
Primary school:
The best friend/couple costume – Filya (Grade 2) and Koliya (Grade 4)
The funniest costume – Lucille (Grade 5)
The most creative costume – Adelaide (Grade 5)
The most unique costume – Kamila (Grade 2)
The best homemade costume – Rustam (Grade 0)
Secondary school:
The best friend/couple costume – Bilim and Lucia (Grade 6)
The funniest costume – Yaroslava (Grade 10)
The most creative costume – Lana (Grade 9)
The most unique costume – Rania (Grade 10)
The best homemade costume – Erik (Grade 7)

The celebration of Halloween in BIS was full of happiness, funny chats about captivating costumes, and unforgettable memories!