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Friendship in the Digital Age: Navigating the Benefits of Social Circles

A Tennis Court – a good place to find new friends. In Picture: Rafael, Hadizha, Katya, Alan, David Sofia and Timur

It is recommended that people have multiple social circles. However you may wondering why or how can someone find such groups. Find out here!

BY: Aisha Turdieva

What are social circles, and why is it better to have 2 or more of them? Social circles are groups of people with whom you communicate, and you are comfortable being around such as your friends. The thing is when you have 2 or more groups of friends it’s helpful especially if you are struggling somewhere. Like being the new kid at school, but you still go to the same sports section. Then you could talk about the new school with your friends from the sports section, and not feel as lonely. It has many more benefits like better physical and mental health. I will also be explaining where you can have social circles. 

Physical Health

Physical health is always connected to mental health. If you feel bad mentaly you will most probably not do your best in sports. Having many circles of friends can help you overcome conflicts. Imagine you’ve had a fight with a school friend. If you don’t have more friends in school or outside of school you will keep going to that person – in fear of loneliness. Though if you have friends where you go to sports, they can help you overcome that loneliness. Reducing the chance of you going back to that friend you had a fight with. The loneliness you might have gotten could have caused you mental health issues such as: depression, anxiety, etc.

School Resources

Of course you can make friends with the people you go to sports with, and with people outside of school. Though the school has things like ECAs (extra curricular activities). In which you share the same interests as the people around you. Usually people make friends through having the same interests, and then continue talking while getting to know each other more. Sometimes people just aren’t able to make friends with their classmates, or are in conflict with them. And friends outside of their class can help them overcome that conflict, or the fear of being alone. If the school offers you an opportunity like that, why not just take it?

To conclude everything stated so far, it is much better to have more than 1 social circle. There are many reasons why it’s better. You don’t go back to people that harm you, in any way. You get to know more people, and their stories. You will have more support. There will be more people to talk to if you are having a hard time. Having more than 1 social circle makes your life easier.