Connecting the BIS Community

Global Education, Local Community: Bishkek International School Paves the Way for Student Success

By: Aisha Turdieva

Are you a student in our school? Or a future student trying to get a better understanding of BIS? Regardless of your reason, here you can find all information you need to maximize your time in our community BIS.

BIS provides a lot of opportunities which help alumni get into schools outside of Kyrgyzstan. Some of these opportunities: IB program, ECAs, scholarships, community projects. They add on to your application, and help get prepared for universities/ colleges better. 

What is the IB program?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. The IB program is divided into 4 curriculums: PYP, MYP, IGCSE, DP. PYP is primary school which is from grade 1 to grade 5. MYP is middle school which is from grade 6 to grade 8. IGCSE is high school, it’s grade 9 and 10. DP is grade 11 and 12. IGCSE uses the Cambridge program to prepare students for DP. In IGCSE and DP you get to pick the classes you need for your major, although there are some classes which are mandatory. This system prepares students for universities/ colleges.

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Extra curricular activities

BIS provides a wide variety of Extracurriculars. Raging from debate to sports. BIS is trying to offer a lot of ECAs in order to satisfy the students, and help achieve their dreams. This helps students find new hobbies, friends, and more things to include in their applications.

A more comprehensive list of ECA’s provided:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Table Tennis
  • Music Club
  • Debate
  • etc..

All of these ECAs allow students to improve their teamwork skills, sportsmanship, and so much more.

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For those who are struggling with money, BIS provides scholarships (in high school). Which are very helpful to those need of aid to support their excelled education at our school. The scholarship is commonly awarded to DP students, and in some cases to IGCSE 2 (Grade 10). BIS also provides discounts. For example if a group of students join BIS from one school, they get a discount. Not a huge one, though still a discount. There are also discounts for students who had attended the school for a long time, or students who are able to pay the fees early in one sum. Still small, but can help any help is helpful.

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Community projects

Our school requires students to take part in helping the community. Such as a minimum volunteering hours in IGSCE and CAS Service experiences in DP. It is achieved by choosing a community based project and spending time participating collaboratively to achieve it. You have to make a proposal, describing what kind of project it is, then proceed to make a detailed action plan. The plan consists of what you will be doing, who will be doing it, and when you will be doing it. You will also have to keep a process journal, which would be showing how much progress you have made throughout your time for your project. Which later you will have to present in front of parents and classmates. The project you pick has a lot to do with the community, and what it needs. For instance, you decide to deliver food to the ones in need. In order for you to deliver food you need to buy it. Though to buy it you can’t use money from your pocket, so you raise money by hosting a bake sale. And only after that you can buy the food, and then engage in the primary component of your project.

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Overall BIS provides a lot of great opportunities for its students. Which might help them later in life. The opportunities provided by BIS allow alumni to get into better universities/ colleges. That is because these opportunities:  IB program, ECAs, scholarships, community projects, are a great addition to your application.  School Website

Featured Image: Courtesy of Bishkek International School