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BIS Students Shine Pangea Math World Olympiad 2023

Six Students from BIS Took Participation in Pangea Math World Olympiad, Which Was Held in Berlin, Germany, from May 5-8.

By: Iskhak Zhumaly uulu

The Pangea Math World Olympiad is an annual mathematical competition that brings together some of the brightest young minds from around the world to show their mathematical skills. In 2023, six students from the BIS took participation in this prestigious event, demonstrating their outstanding talent and dedication to this subject. Amongst them, Sanghoon Yi and Jeongyeon Yu secured 1st place, while Aiana Ibrahim, Arina Selezneva, and Daria Selezneva achieved 2nd place. Also, let’s not forget about Erica Mansurova, who also made an outstanding accomplishment, securing 3rd place. Let’s delve deeper into the incredible achievements of these talented students from our school.

Here is what some of the participants of this tournament said about their experience there:

“I felt a bit stressed and was worried while taking the test. I think the tournament went well and I hope that I will get chance to take place in this kind of tournament again because I really liked the experience. This kind of tournaments are very important because it lets children to learn new things, get to compete with each other and also travel to different countries.” said Erica Mansurova about her own experience.

“The tournament was quite stressful at first, especially the second test, we had 2 hours for 50 questions, which was quite scary. Our group was pretty worried about our results, but by the end it was so fun, I would gladly go there again. I loved the experience and I wish our school would do more things like this in the future.” anonymously shared one of the participants of the tournament.

“The Olympiad was a very fun and exciting competition. Other than competitions & tests, they prepared tours such as a boat tour, walking through Berlin, etc. However, the competition was also amazing. There were different kinds of questions, which made me think a ton. Some questions turned out to be really hard, but I was hoping I got a good result after such a hard test. When I got my results, and found out I got a gold medal, it was something unexpected for me. Anyway, I was extremely happy that my hard work had become into something worth it. I expereinced many new things in this trip, and I hope many other people can expereince this as well. This trip is helpful in many ways, such as math skills, meeting new people, organizing yourself, etc. I hope I can have another chance to participate in these kind of competitions.” shared Sanghoon Yi about his experience on the Olympiad.

In conclusion, the accomplishments of these six students at the Pangea Math World Olympiad 2023 serve as an inspiration for students worldwide. Their achievements highlight the importance of perseverance, dedication, and hard work in pursuing academic excellence. They have shown that with desire, tenacity, and a solid foundation, one can achieve great success in mathematics.