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Nooruz Celebration: A Colorful and Memorable Event at Our School!

On the 17 of March, Bishkek International School Celebrated Kyrgyzstan’s Annual Nooruz Holiday.

By: Iskhak Zhumaly uulu

Nooruz is a beautiful celebration that has been observed for thousands of years in Central Asia and other parts of the world. It marks the beginning of the New Year and the start of spring and is a time for family, friends, and communities to come together to celebrate and renew their spirits. At our school, we also celebrate Nooruz and this year’s event was truly unforgettable.

The celebration started with our MCs Cholponai and Iskhak introducing the event to everyone who came and then inviting our school principal to the stage. Our principal gave a speech about the significance of Nooruz and its importance to the cultures and traditions of many countries around the world. The speech set the tone for the rest of the event and emphasized the importance of cultural diversity.

After the speeches, the show started. All the students from primary to middle school classes came to the event with some wonderful performances prepared. Even some of our high schoolers decided to participate. Students from grade 11 came up with a great dance, and some girls from grades 11 and 10 did a short performance of an excerpt from Mother Deer, written by Chingiz Aitmatov. Throughout the day, we got to see tons of great performances by students from different grades who had prepared traditional songs, dances, and skits for the event.

After all the stage performances were done, our MCs invited everyone to the school’s grass yard to play some traditional games of our ancestors. Then, we went to the cafeteria to eat some Plov, Sumelek, and of course, our favorite Borsoks to fully immerse ourselves in the Nooruz mood.

Some students shared their thoughts about the Nooruz celebration at our school:

“The performances were really impressive. It was always cool for me to see how people from different cultures express themselves through dance and music, and this event had a lot of great dances. I also learned a lot about Nooruz and its significance to people in Central Asia. It made me appreciate the diversity of our world even more.” said Victor Lin, student of Grade 11

“As an MC for this event I want to say that everything was great. All the kids were prepared and you could see that they worked really hard for this day and they took this event very seriosly and tryed to show their parents the highest level of perfomance.” said Iskhak, student of Grade 11 and the MC of the event.

Overall, the Nooruz celebration at our school was a huge success. It brought our community together and helped us learn more about a tradition that is so important to many cultures. We look forward to experiencing other cultural celebrations in the future!