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Building Bridges Between Home and School: BIS’s Second Parent-Teacher Meeting

On the 25th of January, Bishkek International School held a parent-teacher meeting.

By: Iskhak Zhumaly uulu

Bishkek International School held its Parent-Teacher Meeting on Wednesday, January 25th. This annual event took place in the school’s main building on the third floor and provided an opportunity for parents to learn about their child’s academic performance and behavior in the classroom. Parents were required to sign up through the school-buddy website and each meeting was limited to 10 minutes.

The meeting proved to be a valuable experience for both parents and teachers. It allowed parents to receive an accurate understanding of their child’s progress and determine if they need extra help. Moreover, teachers were available to discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide constructive feedback.

Despite the busy schedule, teachers were reportedly in high demand, with most of them fully booked throughout the day. According to parents and students, the event was well-organized and productive. Many parents felt satisfied with their meetings and appreciated the opportunity to communicate with their child’s teachers.

Here are some comments from parents and students after these meetings with teachers:

“I really enjoyed speaking to all this teachers. Everyone was really nice and tryed to help me as much as they could. The information which I got from the teacher about my child were really helpfull and showed me the right way where me and my child should be going to improve his academic prefomance. I think this kind of meetings are really essential and every parent should try to visit this kind of events at least few times a year to be able to help their child as much as they can.” shared Nurzhan Seitkazieva, parent of a student.

“When my mom came back from the parents teachers meeting I was really surprised and happy that most of my teachers said a lot of good and positive things about my academic performance, and this news gave me even more motivation to keep up in the same pace and try to improve as much as I can so the news will be even better next time.” shared Artur, a student of grade 11.

The school hopes that all parents are satisfied with the meetings and that they will result in a stronger relationship between parents and teachers. Furthermore, the school hopes that all parents will receive positive feedback about their child’s performance.